Airbrush Makeup Kits

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Worried about Covid19? Now more than ever with this pandemic our airbrush makeup system is the way to go. Airbrushing is more sanitary, there's no cross-contamination since nothing touches the face. No more sponges and brushes that harbor bacteria. 



Airbrush Makeup Kit

Complete cosmetic Tickled Pink Airbrush makeup kits and support. Enjoy a professional look at an affordable price with these airbrush makeup kits! Free lifetime support from our in house esthetician. Free Life Time Warranty on Airbrush Gun. 2 Year Warranty on all other parts. Our 89% organic Water based cosmetic airbrush makeup infused with aloe is perfect for all skin types. 

When you look in the mirror in the morning and see your best version of yourself that's the perfect way to start your day! None of us are "perfect" we all have our flaws. When you can cover a blemish, scar,rosacea, brighten up those under eye circles or other imperfections quickly with a few drops of our Airbrush concealer and foundation you are ready to face the world with confidence! When we have good confidence it boosts our self esteem, diminishes stress and helps us feel good about ourselves. What are your dreams? Meet someone new? Land the perfect job or promotion? When we look our best, we feel our best. Having low confidence can manifest into stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety in a regular basis can be detrimental to your self confidence and self esteem. When that stress and anxiety fades you are able to believe in yourself, tackle new challenges and gain your confidence again.


Not sure which kit is right for you? Contact us and let us help you select the perfect kit based on your needs. or call or text us at 503.999.9017. You can even text us a selfie for color recommendations. 


Visit our FAQ page for more detailed information on the what is included with our different airbrush kits. 


Air Makeup Kit


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