Cleaning and Maintenance

Watch the video for cleaning process. We offer lifetime cleaning service for our customers. Please see the FAQ section for more info on our free cleaning service. (NOTE: do not use silicon based cleaners such as "Temptu". Our makeup is water based, not silicon based.)

1. To clean airbrush after use simply rinse the cup with warm water then spray warm water though the airbrush. Also try placing one finger over the opening of the airbrush so no product can come out, this will cycle the warm water backwards back to the cup cleaning out the needle and chamber. You can also use a cotton swab to scrub down inside the cup. You should do this after each use while makeup is still in its liquid state. Repeat above steps until only clear water comes out. If you wait it will become harder to clean. Be very careful not to damage the tip of the needle. A damaged needle may render the airbrush useless. A customer damaged needle is not covered under warranty, however, Tickled Pink does offer replacement parts for any portion of your kit. Contact Tickled Pink for specific parts prices.

For a more thorough cleaning, if needed, remove pink tail off of airbrush. It unthreads. Inside you will see the back end of the needle. Just up from the back end of the needle is a threaded ring. Loosen this up and the needle can be pulled out. Be careful as needle is very sharp. Do not drop or damage the needle or it may hamper the ability of the airbrush to work correctly. Once needle is out you can use warm water and soap if needed with a cotton ball to wipe down the needle starting from the back and working towards the point, being careful not to injure yourself. If airbrush has been neglected and a lot of makeup has been allowed to accumulate then you may need to disassemble as describe in this paragraph and put in a container of warm soapy (dish soap is fine) water and let soak to loosen up the makeup. A dirty airbrush will decrease its performance so it is best to keep it clean. To reassemble just reverse the process. Carefully put needle back in, pushing it gently until it stops. Tighten ring to hold needle in place. Take care when threading pink tail back on so it does not get cross threaded.

2. To clean compressor use a damp rag to wipe down. Do not use any solvents or anything that is not approved for plastic. Do not allow compressor to become overly wet or submerged in water.

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